Decluttering Service



A decluttering service is a life long service that helps you to clear out and organise your possessions and paperwork. We can also offer you tips and advice so you can continue the process long after we've gone.

Decluttering Service

Our new decluttering service is something you may never have thought you needed before. If you've always wanted to be tidy, have everything in order and be organised but feel like it's an overwhelming task and don't know where to start, we can help you.

We will work together with you to decide what is important for you to keep, as well as arrange your paperwork and put your possessions in order to make everything easier to manage and find (and even give you some tips along the way). However, if you want to just come home and it's all been done for you, we can do that too. Whichever you prefer, contact us to discuss how we can be of service.

Below are some of the things that we can offer you, but this list is by no means exhaustive.

  • Sorting through your mounds of paperwork
  • Clearing and decluttering rooms in your home or office
  • Tidying and organising wardrobe space
  • 'Blitz' your house and maximise space before putting it on the market
  • Advice and tips to help you keep on top of things

If you feel this service will be of benefit to you or someone you know, perhaps a house move or just to clear things accumulated over the years, get in touch. Even if it's just for us to come and have a chat to see what you may need us to do.